About Us

Why the JanaBand® Was Created

A few years ago, my wife, Janalee, was on life support for 10 days from severe pneumonia and septicemia. Family and friends chipped in to take care of our three sons so that I could stay by her bedside 24/7. On the 3rd day, I noticed that there was a lot to keep track of: wires, cables, tubes, and even the call button. There were too many wires and tubes and no good way to organize them. Little did I know that there is a name for this, “Spaghetti Syndrome”. Every nurse had their own system and would have to spend time re-organizing at the beginning of every shift. As I sat in her hospital room, with my computer on my lap, I designed the JanaBand® at 3:00AM one night. Since then, the JanaBand™ has gone through a number of revisions to make various improvements and an independent hospital study to test its viability. The JanaBand® is now ready for the world market. It amazes me that this terrible time in our lives has had such a happy ending. Janalee made a full recovery and is now the President of the company. Our vision is to grow this family business and share the JanaBand® with the world!